You want to be an internationally skilled and competent drilling fluids engineer aka mud man; well chance favors the prepared mind, your opportunity is now.
Globat Mud School a product of Globat Nigeria ltd (RC 41263) established in 1981 conducts monthly drilling fluid training courses.
You will definitely be on the path to a very successful and rewarding career.
Each training course runs for 5 weeks


The training covers all aspects of drilling fluids technology; with emphasis on both theory and practical application.


Lectures, exercises, slide presentations, group discussions, weekly and spot tests and laboratory workshops.


Science and engineering graduates, drilling / workover / completion managers, supervisors and engineers and rig managers, tool pushers, drillers and derrickmen.


GLOBAT MUD SCHOOL is built on extensive real-world experience in every aspect of utilizing drilling and completion fluids. We deliver the insights from our seasoned industry experts to help with your most complex challenges. You will be taught how to work as a mud engineer both in the office, at the mud plant, in the mud lab and on generic provigiland workover rigs The course provides the rudiments necessary to spud a well, drill a well (whether it is a shallow well or a xanax online, high pressure well), plug and abandon a well, complete a well and/or work-over a well. Participants also are taught the major roles of a mud engineer such:

  • Conducting a standardized mud test/check
  • Interpreting measured fluid properties
  • Competency for critical fluid related rig operations such as displacements, slugging a pipe, pumping sweeps and creating sweep reports, drilling out cement, etc
  • Building various mud systems that would be used during different stages of the drilling process and/or because of different subsurface geology
  • Utilizing predetermined geological and engineering data obtained by geologists and drilling engineers.
  • Writing a mud program
  • Calculating costs associated with the drilling fluid and related processes
  • Finalizing an end of well recapitulation (“mud recap”)
  • Running and supervising a mud plant
  • Writing tender requirements for fluid and associated services

Additionally, attendees will be given basic cementing and waste management knowledge They will also be taught how to have good interpersonal skills and collaborate amicably with all personnel; both qualities being essential for a successful mud engineering career.  


Mar 02rd – Mar 30th 2020

May 04th – May 29th 2020

Jul 06th – July 31st 2020

These dates may be subject to change